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About the Tax & Compliance Office

The mission of the Tax & Compliance Office at the University of Connecticut is to ensure compliance with federal, state and local tax laws across all aspects of University operation.  Our office is responsible for all tax related matters including: international tax withholding; sales and use tax; admissions tax; unrelated business income tax; compensation matters including fringe benefits; and tax considerations related to donations and gifts received by the University.  We are also directly responsible for processing tax payments, filing information returns, and preparing the University's tax returns.

In addition to advising on and implementing tax compliance, the Tax & Compliance Office seeks to inform, educate and develop an understanding of tax issues on a campus-wide basis.  To this end, we serve as a resource to the University community for questions and concerns about the tax laws and participate frequently in outreach programs such as workshops and orientations.

We welcome you to our website and hope that you find the information and material to be helpful.  Please feel free to contact us with additional questions or concerns.

Tax News & Updates

Concur Student Travel:


COVID-19 Tax Related Links:

Information on the CARES Act emergency funding for UConn students and the taxability of these payments:


Higher Education Emergency Grants Frequently Asked Questions | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)

Frequently asked questions from UConn students about taxable nature of refunds, fee bill credits and emergency grants received under the CARES Act in 2020.


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